Marco Polo | Capsule Collection Autumn Winter 2019/20

Inspired by the travels of Marco Polo this Autumn Winter collection revisits the story of silk along the silk route. Hand Embroideries evoke totem like influences and reflect the ornate patterns of the brocades from that period. Rich jewel tones in burgundy, deep purple and gold contrast against layers of black lending an air of Oriental mystery to modern Indo-Asian shapes.

An era of of travel , of wanderlust and handcrafted elegance
all come together in the colors of the earth,wind, water and fire.

Waxed in the language of crafts this collection harks to the preservation of heritage rendering traditional weaves in modern contemporary avtaars . Inter weaving the stories of silk and the legend of Marco polo we once again move to a restorative, ecological awakening that threads us back to nature and its cosmic fragments.

‘The Oracle | Amazon India Fashion Week 2018’

The Oracle is a collection that reflects the rich heritage of craft as an essence of nature, mirroring the preservation of tradition and interpreting it through bead work, block printing and woven textiles. This Autumn Winter 2018 collection by Sonam Dubal traverses the line between the conscious and the unconscious mind – a state of fluid and spatial freedom. Evolving his signature style, it is in the details of the embroidery, colors and textures that one sees the effortless balance and design in nature- a serenity, a quietness and a story of solidarity, melting into and creating a cultural canvas that spans our pasts and its constant changes that link us to the future.

“My goal has been to restore balance, to find solace in artisanal work done by hand-printing, embroidery and weaving, with an awareness of each other’s abilities -and the natural interdependence that we have with each other and with nature”
-Sonam Dubal.

Signature velvet and mirror work pieces teamed with vintage textiles lend an old world charm, while glamorous hand painted kimonos and signature wrap coordinate sets add a contemporary Indo-Asian touch to the collection. An Eri or Ahimsa silk coat is embroidered with wood bead work and is layered with a contemporary silk jersey dress. Easy and voluminous block printed and over dyed pieces are layered with hand embroidered boiled wool capes.

This eclectic play of textiles forms an exotic canvas of an era gone past.This is a collection of cross roads – clashes of modernity and tradition, an angst at the pace of illusion beaming at us, a constant barrage of images that mirror reality with deception. The abstract play of mirror work, the deep tones of indigo, black and greys in stripes reflect this mélange of our times; the three dimensions of uncertain individuality, separation and merged unity.

The Oracle seeks to once again find the core that resonates back to the natural, to a healing center with its simplicity and symbolic language. A restorative, ecological awakening that threads us back to nature and its cosmic fragments.